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The Best Impossible Burgers in Dallas

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JULY 10, 2019

The meat-alternative is appearing on menus across town. These are our favorites.

What sets the Impossible Burger apart from other veggie burgers on the market is the way it’s manufactured. Here’s a quick rundown: heme is an iron-containing molecule found in every living plant and animal on the planet. In animals, the heme that’s found in blood is called hemoglobin and the heme that’s found in muscles is called myoglobin. This very good article from Wired explains it in more depth. It’s the heme that gives meat its iron-y flavor. Well, there’s something called leghemoglobin, which is found in soy roots. This, too, tastes like flesh. The Impossible team discovered a way to extract the DNA from soy plants and inject it into yeast that’s been genetically modified. Then, they ferment the yeast. And that yeast multiplies and produces more heme. This is what gives Impossible Burgers their meaty flavor. It’s also what gives the burger its pink hue and makes it “bleed.” Other key ingredients include soy protein concentrate, coconut oil, and sunflower oil.

Impossible Burgers are appearing on menus across Dallas. And because I love you, I tried most of them. This way you can skip the shell and go straight for the egg yolk. That’s a terrible expression. This way you can skip the peel and go straight for the inside of the banana. Still bad. Whatever. You get the point.


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