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Top 100 Places to Work in DFW

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NOVEMBER 17, 2014

Top 100: No. 3 Midsize Company | Del Frisco’s Restaurant Group Inc.

A cut above

The specials at Del Frisco’s: attentive managers and generous benefits

By Cheryl Hall | Staff Writer

Photos by Tom Fox | Staff Photographer


Del Frisco’s Restaurant Group Inc.

Founded: 1993

Sector: Restaurants

Headquarters: Southlake

D/FW locations: 6

D/FW employees: 368



Del Frisco’s apparently has no trouble balancing three separate food groups.


The Southlake restaurant company is pulling in prestigious industry awards for its hot new concept, Del Frisco’s Grille, while powering ahead with its Sullivan’s Steakhouses and Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouses.


Employees told us time and again that managers at Del Frisco’s do a great job in showing them the love. When asked what makes Del Frisco’s so special, employees said: My manager cares about my concerns.


That placed Del Frisco’s third among Top 100 midsize companies.


“It’s an open-door policy,” one employee said. “We have the genuine opportunity to speak freely. They know that as a group we can accomplish what it takes.”


“If I have personal issues, they listen and assist me,” said another. “They walk me through any day-to-day challenges.”


A full-time employee at Del Frisco is one who works an average of 25 hours a week — five hours fewer than the government’s definition of 30. The company provides medical benefits to full-timers 60 days after they are hired.


The company fully covers the cost of medical coverage to its salaried managers. General managers and executive chefs get their families insured as well.


It offers employees a 401(k) with a 50 percent match, deferred compensation with a 50 percent match, a full range of health and disability insurance, and tuition reimbursement for specialized certifications.




Employees say they love Del Frisco’s because:


“For 14 years, I have been part of something amazing. My CEO, as well as my other leaders, value opinions and truly listen to everyone in our company. I don’t know how often one can find that.”


“I have met so many amazing people. It’s like a second family!”


“I love working at Del Frisco’s because of the dedication, passion and commitment to excellence that our team has from the top to the bottom.”


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